Watch assembly photos



Mc Clellan Watch Branding




As part of the SR-N1 watch design project I wanted to create a brand identity that would really bring the project to life. During this project  I was reading Ray Bradburys Sci- Fi novel Farenheit 451, a character which really stood out was Clarisse Mc Clellan. Clarisse was a curious character who loved life and willfully questioned the status quo. She was precieved as odd by others for being different and would soon sudddnely disappear without trace. The name Mc Clellan has a deep meaning behind it, and it was a great symbol for a conceptual watch brand.

The SR-N1 Concept Watch

By tomorrow the SR-N1 watch should be fully assembled, I’m getting very excited now. The exhibition is on Wednesday and due to the bank holiday weekend lost two days work in the Institute. I have been finishing the packaging at home, but there’s only a certain amount of work one can do without the appropriate tools. But here’s a few recent renders.